You might not have the budget to make the garden of your dreams come true in one go. However, some points must be anticipated; otherwise, complicated and expensive work may be required. If you have planned a swimming pool, a pool house, etc., You must reserve dedicated space for them. You also have to think about how the garden is going to be watered.

If necessary, we at landscaping Austin tx, suggest that install reasoned watering with a drip system that will provide the right amount of water to the plants For lawns, we install automatic sprinkler systems with timers, which must also be anticipated by burying pipes in the ground.

The lighting is also important in the design of the outside space as to enjoy the garden in the evening than to bring out the contrasts massive or decor.

For electric lighting, here again, you have to think about integrating it into your electrical panel. Solar lighting can also be a solution with economical and nomadic lamps. Finally, remember that it will take some time to complete this garden and that the best season to plant is fall.

Some advice from professionals

An unattractive wall can also be painted in black or emerald green, consistent with the interior space. You can also plant climbers or add beautiful trellises or palisades in wood or metal.

The garden must be as aesthetic in winter as in summer and play with shapes as well as volumes. We will position the creeping plants in the foreground, the plants halfway up in the center and finally, the large subjects in the background. Do not hesitate to vary the colors of the flowers to brighten up the garden any season.

Think about the budget

A landscaper establishes an estimate taking into account the design but also the time that he will spend to realize your garden. We at landscaping Austin, tx, quickly ask our customers the question of the budget, especially if they have a little grandiose desire.

It all depends on the time spent, the difficulty of the work but also the choice of materials. We prefer to draw up an ultra-detailed quote line by line. The client has an idea of ​​the final budget, but he can easily remove this or that line and operation to fit it into his envelope.

Landscaping: Thinking About The Project As A Whole

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