How To Tell If You Need a Permit To Build A Fence

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to build a fence but didn’t know if you needed a permit? If you have, you’re not alone. Many states require building fences without permits, and some even require them.

Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

  • Do your research
  • Be sure to get a permit if the fence will go beyond the boundaries of your property
  • Check with your state government to see if they have any other requirements.

How do I know if I need a permit? Yellow And Red Tulip Flower Plant Beside White Fence

There are several ways to determine if you need a permit for a fence. The most common way to do this is to look at the state government website and see if they have any specific requirements that your fence must meet.

Additionally, some states require you to get a permit to build a fence that goes beyond the boundaries of your property. If your fence goes beyond the property line, you’ll need to get a permit from the state government.

What are some of the risks of not having a permit? 

If you don’t have a permit, you could be arrested or fined. You could also be disqualified from selling products in that state.

There are also risks associated with not having a permit. For example, if you build the fence without proper planning, you could damage property or cause a disturbance. So, it’s important to do your research and make sure you have the correct permit for the job at hand.

When is the right time to get a permit?

There is no one answer to this question. You will want to research the regulations in your state before you make any decisions. Some states require permits for fences that go beyond the boundaries of your property, while others don’t. The important thing is to find out what is required and when necessary.

The City of Austin doesn’t regulate or restrict the materials used in fencing.

A few states require a permit for fences, but Austin is not one of them. The City of Austin does not regulate or restrict the materials used in fencing. You can simply use whatever material you feel comfortable using, and you won’t have to worry about getting a permit.

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Secrets of arranging a small bathroom

Renovating a Small bathroom in Austin TX? How to arrange it to make it beautiful and functional? The limited square footage, in spite of its appearance, does not interfere with the creation of a bathroom that is both useful, aesthetic, and comfortable.

Tile selection

TInterior of light bathroom with toilet near bathtub with shower and curtain near counter with shelves with towels and containers and decorative objects near white tileile is the most commonly used material for bathroom walls and floors. This is not surprising, given the fact that she is able to cope with the special microclimate that prevails there – humidity, frequent temperature changes. The right tiles have the greatest impact on the final look of the bathroom. For all these reasons, the choice of material is often the biggest challenge when organizing an interior. The difficulty level increases when the hygiene room is small.

Shower cabin in the bathroom

A small shower cubicle is ideal for a small bathroom. Limited interiors require thoughtful design and clever solutions. Sometimes it is worth giving up a bath in a small hygiene room in order to get a room for a comfortable shower.

Corner bathrooms

Faced with the daunting task of organizing a hygiene room, you often have to choose between a bathtub and a shower. You can have both, but this requires more space. For those who prefer a bathtub, the problem of choice awaits: a simple model against the wall, corner, or, perhaps, free-standing? If your choice is a corner bathtub, then you need to consider the place you need. In fact, it takes up more than a classic rectangular bathtub, but in the case of asymmetric models, it must be adapted to the possibilities of the bathroom.


In bathrooms where natural light is lacking, it is worth choosing shiny, shimmery surfaces. Lacquered cabinet fronts, chrome taps, shiny ceramic tiles optically increase the space. Mirrors are another tool to help you enlarge your bathroom interior. Reflective panels placed on large surfaces make small interiors spacious. An interesting and practical solution is to place hanging cabinets with mirrored facades on the walls. This solution will visually enlarge the interior of the room and, at the same time, provide a lot of storage space.


A comfortable and fashionable bathroom must be accurately lit. The planning of light sources is often difficult in bathrooms without windows. General lighting, one or more lamps that turn on when entering a room, is usually located on the ceiling. Depending on the type of bathroom, light can also fall from the sides, for example, under slopes and even from below. Each area of ​​the bathroom should have additional lighting, regardless of the general one. The shape of the fixtures and the type of light bulbs are a matter of taste, so there is no specific advice for choosing in this case.

Placement of the washing machine

Person Washing Hands On SinkIn a small bathroom, installing all the necessary hardware is a real challenge. However, designers have outdone themselves in smart devices that make large appliances such as a washing machine a harmonious element of the interior without losing their functionality.

The washing machine is a useful device that poses a big problem when organizing a small bathroom. On the one hand, people are used to the fact that this technique is always in this room. On the other hand, there is no need to do everything to find a place in the bathroom for a typewriter if the room is really small. Moving the laundry room to another room can lead to much more comfort in using the bathroom.

Types Of Decking: Installation Procedure

The use of natural wooden boards when arranging a country cottage, terrace, or recreation area is a stylish and optimal solution. However, such products are short-lived when laying paths and floors in a gazebo, which are in the open air and are daily exposed to atmospheric influences. Materials made of natural wood do not differ in moisture and frost-resistant properties, are not resistant to mechanical damage, their surface is abraded. Despite its presentable appearance, a hardwood board needs regular maintenance.

Thanks to the introduction of modern technologies, natural materials can be successfully replaced with artificial ones that are not inferior in quality to the original. Terrace boards are in demand for finishing terraces, open paths. The material is practical and can be used by San Antonio deck company to decorate the local area.

Decking is made of wood-polymer composite, in which the properties of wood and polymer materials are combined. Thanks to the use of high-quality compositions and the laying of material, taking into account the requirements of technology, the canvas is practical, resistant to moisture and frost. Despite the fact that the WPC decking is made for use in open areas, the material does not need additional care after installation.

Installation of decking, thanks to the treated surface of the planks, is used in open areas in compliance with the technology. In the decoration and arrangement of summer cottages, three types of decking are widely used:

  • Natural origin. Natural wood and wood chips are used in production. The strength of the material is given by the manufacturing technology, which involves the addition of polymer compositions. Due to the use of wood species such as larch, decking has improved strength and resistance to moisture. The material is not covered with mold and mildew, is not subject to decay.
  • Manufactured using wood-polymer composite compounds. This type of decking has less natural properties since it is produced by adding synthetic resins and fiberglass. Wood shavings are used here only as a filler. Polyethylene is used as a binder in terrace boards.

Features of laying terrace material

In order to fulfill the technology of work in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is recommended to make a high-quality installation of the frame on which the decking will be laid. The height of the structure should not be lower than 7 cm for free air circulation under the canvas. The logs are placed at a distance of 40 cm. Otherwise, the load on the floor will be uneven, and the deck may deteriorate. In order for the decking board not to deform and to be installed according to the technology, the joists should not be 50 cm. A large contact patch area can lead to poor base blowing.

Before you start laying the WPC, it is necessary to prepare not only the base for installation but also the material itself. In order not to encounter different shades of panels, we recommend purchasing trim parts from the same batch from a trusted supplier. Decking must be laid simultaneously, as the product changes its properties and appearance under the influence of the external environment and ultraviolet radiation over several weeks.

The decking is highly practical and resistant to mechanical damage. However, installation technologies require exposure to the canvas before laying. The material must be laid out in advance on a flat surface to adapt the surface to temperature and sunlight. If the recommendation is ignored, the canvas may lose its shape and deform. The peculiarity of work with decking does not allow the installation of panels at negative temperatures.

Issues And Problems When Building A House

The main fears of building a house have to do with money and banks.

Banks estimate a maximum amount for the mortgage, depending on the owner’s payroll and the house to be executed.

Builder, Architect, and Surveyor. Who do I hire?

Yes, it is normal to be terrified by the idea that any of these building agents will come out “frog.”

I would advise me very long before hiring each of them. Of course, what would be clear would be to hire some independent Technicians from the Construction company. When the Technician “offers” it to the Builder, it may not be as objective as it should be. And let’s not put the extreme of being in the pay of the company (what worse things have been seen …!).

For any of the 3, I would ask for many references. And finally, I would value the price in all 3 cases. With a sample of 3 budgets, those that drop more than 30% concerning the arithmetic mean, discarded. And those that rise more than that 30%, surely also.

See if you will ask the Architect for a printed copy of the project, and he will charge you. Or if you ask the Rigger for a Construction Progress Certificate for the bank and it “traces” 80 Dollars. And with the construction company the same, but multiplied by 10.

How do I know that the Builder is not overcharging me?

In most cases, before issuing an invoice, the Builder issues a certification. This certification collects everything that has been carried out on the work (measurement at origin) and multiplies it by its corresponding price. In this way, after adding VAT and subtracting the last invoice, the amount to be invoiced is reached.

To corroborate these measurements, you can go to your Quantity Surveyor, who is in charge of measuring, together with the Builder, the pits carried out. As soon as the Quantity Surveyor approves the certification measurements, it will only be missing that you, as owners, check the prices of the games you have specified in the contract.

If there is a minor error, do not worry because, always measuring at the origin, it would be corrected in the next certification.

I have no spatial vision, and I am afraid that the bathrooms and kitchen will look bad.

In this regard, I propose 3 solutions:

  • Some architects include in their budget the interior design advisory service. This is a plus and is highly valued when the Architect is hired.
  • Hire an interior designer to do an interior design project.
  • Many companies supply materials and equipment for the kitchen and bathrooms that provide advice and infographics of these finished rooms.

When does the bank provide me with the money to pay the Builder?

As the work progresses, the Quantity Surveyor or the Architect draws up what is called a Work Progress Certificate. This certificate records the percentage of the work that has been carried out at that time.

What is the final withholding?

There is another problem. The bank also reserves the last 10% of the executed work as retention. And you will not pay it until you have the First Occupation License. Think that from the end of the work itself, until the City Council issues the First Occupation License, you must make the Final Work Certificate and endorse it in the Professional Colleges of Architects and Quantity Surveyors. These procedures usually take several weeks.

In a $ 150,000 project, with 10% initial withholding and 10% final withholding, there would be $ 30,000 that you will not collect from the bank until a couple of months after finishing the project.

5 Suggestions For Choosing The Best Construction Company

Whether it is masonry, installations, exterior carpentry company… there are certain things that I demand of all of you to be on my Top companies list!

Safety and Health


Before entering work on a construction site, any company or self-employed worker must notify the Health and Safety Coordinator (CSS, who is almost always the Quantity Surveyor). The CSS ensures safety on the construction site and demand that companies also do so.


Among other things, before entering the work, we require documentation from companies that, by law, must provide us.


First of all, is the Health and Safety Plan (PSS). This document includes all the hazards on the site and how workers will avoid/minimize them. This is mandatory since a Royal Decree of 1997 for ALL contracting companies.


It is difficult for the workers of a company to comply with the safety regulations on a construction site when not even the company can provide the documentation required by law.


Have all the documentation on site


The PSS above must also be on site. And if an electrician doesn’t know whether or not to put on the helmet, you can check it out. In the Installations: Electricity section, your company has already exposed a series of risks and how to avoid/minimize them.


For example, the helmet minimizes damage in the event of an object hitting the head of an operator.

Programming of the works


I have dedicated half of my working life to work as a Construction Manager in different construction companies. If I have been paid to coordinate, organize, and plan works, and still my companies ended up making money from it, it is because this is very important. Also, all workers in this organization must be involved. I explain. If I ask a bricklayer what he is going to do in 3 days when he finishes partitioning, he cannot answer me: “I still don’t know. I don’t even know if I’ll be in this work or another. ”

Quality Control


The Quantity Surveyors are in charge of controlling the quality, execution, and materials that become part of the work. These must-have CE Marking, mandatory for all products that are marketed in Europe.


To justify the CE marking, construction materials have a Declaration of Performance. This assures us that they are placing “hare” and not “cat” and their characteristics, which must be at least those specified in the Project.



It seems that many companies work “on the sly.” They arrive at the construction site, do their job (better or worse), and leave. And a few days later, they send the invoice.




Lack of communication. If you know that I, as a Surveyor, am the “Execution Director” and I am paid to “direct the execution,” what less than to notify me when you are going to enter the work.


I also like to be notified when they are going to measure the work to invoice. If not, when the owners ask me if there are 400 m2 of brick, I will not know. And if I measure by myself, the quantities will not coincide. So yes, I like to measure together with the construction company. Or count plugs, it doesn’t matter.