There are a lot of gadgets available in the market which can be very useful for us. They can help in making our everyday lives easier and more comfortable. These gadgets can include phone chargers, ebook readers and more.

Information on Mobile Phones and Gadgets

These tutorials for gadgets will show you how to design these gadgets in Photoshop. These gadgets are not too difficult to create in Photoshop as long as you follow the instructions carefully and you have the right knowledge about the program.

This tutorial will teach you to create a simple and sleek monitor in photoshop. It will be a great exercise for your shape tools and layer styles skills.

This is another excellent tutorial which will give you an insight about creating a media player in Photoshop from scratch.

This is another interesting tutorial which will help you to learn to create a Loox Pocket PC in PhotoShop.


Photoshop Tutorials For Gadgets