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Pro-toll Wentworth, Ames-Jones lie about being anti-toll in debate Print E-mail
Written by Terri Hall   
Tuesday, 31 January 2012
Watch the report here.

The claim that ALL three candidates are against toll roads is PURE fiction!  Both Jeff Wentworth and Elizabeth Ames Jones have voted to toll our local roads. Wentworth, more times than I can count, but here's the major ones: HB 3588, HB 2702, SB 792, HB 563, SB 1492.

Ames Jones voted to toll 281, 1604, I-35 and most of our local roads in July 2004 when she was a State Rep. and sat on the MPO.

I just can't believe Wentworth and Ames Jones had the unmitigated gall to lie to that group and then to have this story broadcast to San Antonio that all three are anti-toll when two of them are the REASON we're still facing toll roads all over town (57 toll projects are in the current MPO plan!). It's unbelievable! San Antonio deserves to know the truth!

Wentworth's law firm represented Zachry when Cintra-Zachry slapped that unsolicited bid on TxDOT's desk to takeover and toll 281& 1604 in 2005, and Wentworth blocked that contract from being subjected to the moratorium on those foreign-owned toll roads back in 2007. It wasn't until we went on radio to expose the connection that Wentworth backtracked and we got 281 & 1604 yanked from Cintra/Zachry. He's totally ingratiated himself with the highway lobby and pro-tollers his entire career. There is NO WAY he should be allowed to make such a claim and get away with it!

All candidates claim to be anti-toll in Senate District 25 debate
By David Sears
January 19, 2012


State Sen. Jeff Wentworth has been the representative for District 25 for two decades and he is looking to run again -- but not without a challenge.

Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones and Dr. Donna Campbell are both looking to take Wentworth’s chair at the state capital.

The three candidates participated in a debate sponsored by the Republican Men’s Club of Bexar County and the San Antonio Tea Party at Paesanos Restaurant on Thursday.

Once again, Wentworth’s conservatism came into question.

"It's not the record of the kind of person who is a reflection of your conservative principles and values," Ames Jones said.

“I’ve never been considered anything but conservative," Wentworth replied.

Campbell, claiming the "outsider" mantra, tried to stay above that fray and went direct.

"When I win the primary, I win the general," Campbell said.

The three candidates agreed on some issues, like no toll roads and getting rid of "ObamaCare."

There was disagreement on the topic of college tuition for illegal immigrants.

"I’m not for subsidizing illegal immigrants in any way shape or form,” Jones pointed out. But that statement was challenged by Wentworth. 

"I voted no. Elizabeth Ames Jones, as state rep, voted yes to give tax subsidies to those illegal alien immigrants," Wentworth said.

Once again, Campbell had her own opinion, especially when it came to educating illegal immigrants from K through 12.

“ Does it really make sense to use taxpayer dollars to educate a child that when they graduate they cant legally be hired in our state?" Campbell said.

Still no word on when a primary election might take place since redistricting is still in the courts.

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